Norwegian's biggest innovation is its dining organization. His father has just retired. Innovation, for its part, can refer to something new or to a change made to an existing product, idea, or field. Our customers can embrace innovation secure in the knowledge that the technology is compatible with City & Guilds ' process and quality requirements. Some people take offense at financial registries, while others applaud the innovation of it. They describe an English speaking ab initio student of German who exhibited an unusually strong tendency to use word coinage and lexical innovation. James Surowiecki. ... A stringent timetable from English Partnerships meant a quick turnaround with an innovative design submitted for planning at the beginning of February. "The innovation point is the pivotal moment when talented and motivated people seek the opportunity to act on their ideas and dreams." Too strict a regulatory system will stifle. A Study of the Syntactic Phonological Interface in English Sentence Form. To him, it signifies innovation, thinking outside the box to succeed quickly and using what you have to make your dream work. Nevertheless the critical and restraining tendency of Malherbe was not ill in place after the luxuriant importation and innovation of the Pleiade; and if he had confined himself to preaching greater technical perfection, and especially greater simplicity and purity in vocabulary and versification, instead of superciliously striking his pen through the great works of his predecessors, he would have deserved wholly well. 1-8), and by protesting against David's proposal to number the people, an innovation which may have been regarded as an infringement of their liberties (2 Sam. We try our best to collect and create good sentences and wish you can make progress day by day! Benchmark statements provide for variety and flexibility in the design of programs and encourage innovation within an agreed overall framework. But these certificates are a relatively modern innovation. An " Innovation station " section provides stories, market trends and innovations in foods containing dairy byproducts. Learn more. One of the huge benefits of this new innovation in manicures is that the gel nail polish goes on much like any other nail polish, but remains for up to two weeks. “Innovation is taking two things that already exist and putting them together in a new way.” –Tom Freston. — Shunryu Suzuki. What is Innovation? Nearly 100 years ago, Whirlpool began a legacy of innovation, introducing many of the country’s household firsts, including the automatic washing machine, and influencing home and family life. Innovation definition: An innovation is a new thing or a new method of doing something. Other elements were fashion, clubs, dancing, and a sense of innovation and independence. In the passive sentence, we are less concerned with the ‘doer’ of the verb (the ‘agent’) and more concerned with the ‘receiver’ of the action, so we put it at the start of the sentence to make it the subject. groundbreaking innovation introduced by Samsung in its effort to become a socially conscious and responsible consumer brand. On the Viva International website, you'll see that they value, "quality, image, value, innovation, and service.". Creativity Killers: If Nintendo found innovation with their Wii, then someone else can add their legacy to the history of video games timeline. Just as energy is the basis of life itself, and ideas the source of innovation, so is innovation the vital spark of all human change, improvement and progress. Citylife plans to knock down the existing structure and use the site to construct a larger building for a new âsocial innovation incubation centreâ . English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "innovative" Bill Gates' continued efforts to innovate and change have helped to keep Microsoft at the top of the computer worldHe designed an innovative new computer program which has been sold to a company which makes computer games. foresight activities into their work on innovation. Improvements and innovation create competition, which could improve or hurt consumer buying trends. It may seem as though there is little room for innovation on products so simple and utilitarian as those, which is exactly why I'm very excited about this challenge. We actively promote good teaching practice and operate award schemes to reward excellence and innovation in teaching. Martin has always possessed the unique ability to combine innovation and efficiency in lighting product development with quality and value. Although the processes are primitive and improvements are discouraged, both by the policy of the government and by an indolence and suspiciousness of innovation natural to the people themselves, fine crops of cereals are yielded, especially in the large wheat-lands of Hauran. intermediary the right working balance between public and private sector agents as innovation intermediaries be identified? This proposal will incense conservation campaigners. My ultimate aim is to develop a workable model for sharing knowledge and stimulating innovation in development projects. Includes free vocabulary trainer, verb tables and pronunciation function. "A threefold cord is not quickly broken," and these three independent witnesses agree in describing a significant innovation which ends with the supremacy of the Zadokites of Jerusalem over their brethren. To promote and encourage innovation in teaching and learning support. More immediately efficacious was the innovation made by John Pond (astronomer royal, 1811-1836) of substituting entire circles for quadrants. The craftsman is likely to seem dysfunctional in a culture of innovation and change. Casio watches for men are well known for their innovation and durability as well as their great value. The dominant factors in the r 7th-century medicine were the discovery of the circulation by William Harvey (published in 1628), the mechanical philosophy of Descartes and the contemporary progress of physics, the teaching of Van Helmont and the introduction of chemical explanations of morbid processes, and finally, combined of all these, and inspiring them, the rise of the spirit of inquiry and innovation, which may be called the scientific movement. He is Chairman of BioCity Nottingham, a healthcare and bioscience innovation and incubation center founded in 2002. Too strict a regulatory system will stifle innovation. Contractions; a word, a term or a special name, or more often expressed and symbolized by one or more of the letters. Innovation is the ability to convert ideas into invoices. In the coming years, startups will shine in a variety of fields, especially those where innovation is in demand. Of these features, the blast-pipe had been employed by Trevithick on his engine of 1804, and direct driving, without intermediate gearing, had been adopted in several previous engines; but the use of a number (25) of small tubes in place of one or two large flues was an innovation which in conjunction with the blast-pipe contributed greatly to the efficiency of the engine. Examples of such innovation include a digitally-enhanced flat hair iron, a slimming corset designed to peel the pounds off in just a few days and a selection of green tea and fruit-flavored extracts offering plenty of health benefits. Building on his apprenticeship as a sculptor during the beatnik era of the 1960s, Yurman advanced in his art with a signature style of boldness and innovation in his jewelry designs. They joined the Innovation Center in 2003 to develop a new range of RGB pulsed lasers for the holographic industry. For example, it might be hypothetical, wished for, or conditional. I'm waiting for my wife. Good management should be an instrument for, 15. This time piece reflects innovation with Numerals Luminous Hands and Hour Markers. The below infographic outlines 6 easy steps to follow for building a culture of innovation within the workplace. A network of external links with industry supports the course which has a strong reputation for consistent innovation. These supporting roles continue to become more specialized apace with rapid innovation in health care making more types of treatments possible. 34. innovation refers to creating more effective processes, products, and ideas. technological innovation has driven changes in the underlying economics of the industry. The latest innovation in walking shoes for women is the rock & tone, or WW1442. For example, if you are teaching a class you'll have to give instructions. Innovation sentence examples. An exciting innovation for families, now parents can finally have some time to themselves! Falling intonation is the most common intonation pattern in English. But charter advocates would like to see more evidence of innovation. Before Kafka's innovation, the story goes, deaths were much higher. In the university of Paris, which was originally opposed to this innovation, the statutes of 1598 prescribed the study of Homer, Hesiod, Pindar, Theocritus, Plato, Demosthenes and Isocrates (as well as the principal Latin classics), and required the production of three exercises in Greek or Latin in each week. Examples of Entrepreneur in a sentence. UV Swimsuits are the latest innovation in sun protection, and a welcome addition to an industry that depends on a love for sun and water. The company, which was begun in 1930, continues to search for innovation, creativity, and practicality in their products. See more. This was done in the twenty-fifth session (cap. when the decree was passed that at the end of the time of probation novices should either be professed or dismissed; and the words of the council are: "By these things, however, the Synod does not intend to make any innovation or prohibition, so as to hinder the religious order of Clerks of the Society of Jesus from being able to serve God and His Church, in accordance with their pious institute approved of by the Holy Apostolic See.". For a business, it could mean implementing new ideas, improving services or creating dynamic products. The company focuses on innovation, quality and sustainable design services. The other interesting thing about it is that in many ways the dotcom bust gave people the impression that innovation had lost. These mental exercises are designed to break linear thinking habits and encourage the creativity that is needed for, 23. XVI., d.r.) File Unemployment in Florida: In the state of Florida, the Agency for Workforce Innovation provides a very simple to use online application form. some five centuries before his time, but nobody before Stevinus established their daily use; and so well aware was he of the importance of his innovation that he declared the universal introduction of decimal coinage, measures and weights to be only a question of time. Series of PALATINE events (workshops, seminars) sharing good practice in curriculum innovation related to employability. To attempt to "enforce the law" (whatever the law may be) would, therefore, seriously wound the consciences of a large number of people who are quite unconscious of having broken it. Innovation and proven quality that have made Eastpak a household name for decades. English language teaching is evolving all the time, particularly alongside advances in technology. (the use of) a new idea or method: 3. a new idea or…. But we have found, on the wlple, that logical tradition rises superior to logical innovation. The company prides itself on innovation in its contact lenses, and on offering lenses to individuals with specific eye problems.The company offers a variety of different lenses. In 1869 a great innovation was made, when Polish was introduced throughout the whole of Galicia as the normal language of government; and since that time the use of German has almost entirely disappeared in that territory. Look up the German to English translation of Finanzinnovation in the PONS online dictionary. On the other hand, the gameplay is virtually identical to each and every other hidden objects game out there, so you won't find much in terms of innovation in Death on the Nile. The Chancellor announced a number of measures aimed at encouraging innovation and enterprise. Thanks to the combination of design innovation, technology, and exquisite style, regatta watches are in high demand among water sport enthusiasts. Learning for research and development. 2)henry ford adapted the assembly line, which was an innovation in factory production. In the 1850's the Cairn's brothers took over the business when Gratacap retired, and they have been the premier manufacturers of leather helmets since then, combining innovation with tradition. Thanks to the innovation of the Wright brothers, we have aircraft that allow us to travel swiftly and safely today. Definitions vary and people mean different things. The coronation of a woman was in the eyes of the Russian people a scandalous innovation, and the proposed coronation was doubly scandalous in view of the base and disreputable origin of Catherine herself. Projections of $54 billion a year to be invested, means that the personal financial advisor field is wide open to innovation and growth. When so many people farm and so much depends on it, innovation will happen. Always on the cutting edge of innovation, Pokemon Battle Revolution for the Nintendo Wii is the first Wii game to make use of the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and the first to interact with the Nintendo DS through a wireless connection. The innovation continues to pour out of developers' studios as they discover new ways to use the unique features of the DS. Chia Suan Chong, who will be blogging from the live-streamed ELTons awards for innovations in ELT on 2 June 2016, lists her top ten. The innovation was at first received with some disfavour; critics accustomed to polite formalism censured it as extravagant and undignified; but the freshness and beauty of its melody soon silenced all opposition, and did more than anything else throughout the 18th century to establish the principle of nationalism in musical art. Perhaps the novel The Moon is a Harsh Mistress (1966) by Heinlein was the inspiration behind that plan.We can go on and on about science fiction and innovation.
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