Not only matters how much people live in a catchment area, but also when glaciers release the stored water in relation to the annual precipitation. However, this glacier is melting rapidly, more so than others, and locals are thinking up radical new ideas to try and protect it. It is preposterous to suggest that glacier melt water is of as much importance as some of these dishonest charlatans want to make the uninformed believe. It is also an enormous tourist attraction as it is opened up to the public each year – for you to literally walk through. In theory, the Arctic remains colder than the equator because more of the heat from the sun is reflected off the ice, back into space. Importance of Glaciers. These bright white spots reflect excess heat back into space and keep the planet cooler. Glaciers are very important for the stability of our global climate and for many animals including humans. Glacier’s cultural resources chronicle the history of human activities and show that people … A sustainable action plan is required to preserve our delicate glacial ecosystems, and because of the monumental importance of glaciers to all life in Colorado, all Coloradans are stakeholders in sustaining the affected watersheds. Many rivers of the world are fed entirely by the melting of glaciers. The snowpack, glacier surface and glacier bed are recognized as key areas of microbial activity, and the wet snow, cryoconite holes, streams, ponds, and moraines are the important habitats of microorganisms in glacial ecosystems (Hodson et al., 2008). Glaciers do not always leave moraines behind, however, because sometimes the glacier’s own meltwater washes the material away. Glaciers are not only contributors to the sea level rise but also important players in the circulation of pollutants. The importance of glaciers for humans however depends on various climatic and geographic variables. Glaciers are important because they support one third of living population, and they are the best indicators of climate change. They are good indicators of global warming and provide us with very useful resources. Why are glaciers important? Streams flowing from glaciers often carry some of the rock and soil debris out with them. When the fallen snow is compressed and thickens into ice, it forms glaciers that have erosive characteristics. These streams deposit the debris as they flow. 1105 Words 5 Pages. Ice acts like a protective cover over the Earth and our oceans. Over a billion people apply glacial waters for domestic purposes; hence, both the quality and quantity of this water should be monitored. If glaciers lose … They flow incessantly and landscape in many places in the Earth today are shaped by them. One only needs to locate the glaciers at the head of either the Blue Nile or the White Nile which is the world’s longest river, to know what a weak argument they put forth. The Importance Of Glaciers. Glaciers are important as an indicator of climate change because physical changes in glaciers—whether they are growing or shrinking, advancing or receding—provide visible evidence of changes in temperature and precipitation. Glacier National Park Superintendent Jeff Mow said, “This study reinforces the fact that Glacier National Park plays a significant role in the economy of the state of Montana, and specifically Northwest Montana.” Mow says that the park hosts visitors from across the country and from around the world, and visitation is increasing each year. Glaciers sculpt the mountains on the surface of the Earth like great rivers and valleys of ice. Glacier is at the core of the “Crown of the Continent” ecosystem, one of the most ecologically intact areas remaining in the temperate regions of the world. The most useful resource that glaciers provide is fresh water. The Rhone Glacier in the Swiss Alps is very important for the local economy. The stability of future generations of Colorado depends on the conservancy of its dwindling glacial regions.