The two-cycle engine that runs your string trimmer needs three things to operate smoothly: clean fuel, air circulation and a … You must log in or register to reply here. Another thing that might contribute to this hesitation issue, these Echo trimmers usually require at least 89 octane or high gasoline. it has about 10 hours of run time. For chainsaw carburetors, balance is critical. The 87 octane may work, but the trimmer … hey, I have a fairly new husqvarna, just a 240, but i take good care of her and always keep chains sharp. Get shopping advice from experts, friends and the community! always drain gas at the end of fall. I prime it, start it with choke and let it idle, idles fine, hit the gas past 1/3 throttle it dies like it's fuel starved. Husqvarna 226HD60S (9669456-01) Depressing the throttle lever on a Husqvarna 226HD60S and the hedge trimmer stalls. 4. Remove the 2 … M. mirkaba ArboristSite Operative. This sounds like as the engine gets hotter the power goes away and this can happen if the fuel is vaporized in the fuel lines . only use it a few time a year. String trimmer starts then stalls. I had my 441 tuned up last month because it was idling rough. Full Throttle Stalls. Same problem. $22.99 New. Only 17 left in stock - order soon. Fired it up this spring and it ran great for 4 minutes and then stopped. Husqvarna bt 150 bogs down and stalls after about 10 MINS. 4.3 out of … Hope this helps - Echo SRM-225 Trimmer Could be just a little lean on the L as well. When there's too little fuel, the engine will run \"lean\" and won't have enough power, so using it as intended can cause engine damage. Joined Jan 3, 2010 Messages 101 Location Montana. The most common malfunctions that cause the lawn mowers to stop, and the possibility of repairing them with your own hands are in the material below. It takes the gasoline from the gas tank and supplies it to the combustion chambers. Thanks in advance. I would hate to see you buy a new carb and it just be a bad line.Ken. My Husqvarna 128LD string trimmer keeps dying on me. But first, I'd try adjusting the carb. HUSQVARNA : 125C 128LD String Trimmer HUSQVARNA : 128C Chainsaw POULAN : P1500, P2500, P3500, PP025, PP325, P4500, PP125 String Trimmer POULAN : PP258TP, PP258TP Type 2 Pole Saw CRAFTSMAN : 358794770 358794765 Blower CRAFTSMAN : 358791520 String Trimmer … This is a relatively common symptom and our repair guide can help you fix it. If I release the throttle it will idle, but if I try to speed up again it dies. It may not display this or other websites correctly. 3. Sometimes debris will lodge in the metering orifice (at the needle)- moving the needle can stimulate it to leave the premises. 122C . New member here. Slowly turn in the low speed jet, until it starts to die, then back it out another 1/4 to 1/2 turn. Changing the idle on a chainsaw carburetor isn't complica… Started right up again, and would idle fine, but stop dead after 5 or 10 seconds at full speed. Husqvarna Grass trimmers for occasional use are low noise and light weight trimmers suitable for homeowners. Also known as a weed wacker or eater, a strimmer or a string trimmer and edger, your machine runs on manual controls that may occasionally need a troubleshoot. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. If that doesn't do it, lean it out a 1/4, 1/8 turn leaner from where you started. Features of the trimmer. Trimmer would die at full throttle. Octane 93 gas as well. Video: Trimmer Does Not Accelerate At Full Throttle. it seemed as tho the saw was running lean. Put in a new plug. Don't torture it, cutting @ WOT that way- could be expensive. I've been having an issue when I throttle with the saw running pretty sluggish and not wanting to throttle like it should be. Over time, the spark arrestor can become clogged with soot. If I leave the choke closed it will run at full throttle, but very lean, so I am pretty sure it is a fuel problem. $19.95 New. It will make your saw run lean and ruin the p&c. of running. I have a Husqvarna 480 that until now has been running just fine. ... Husqvarna 128R trimmer on Yandex Market. Do not forget check for air leaks elsewhere in the entire saw. JavaScript is disabled. You must log in or register to reply here. No Video Available. The spark arrestor is a small screen that prevents the engine from emitting sparks. Let the air filter dry fully. Yes, after about 15 minutes of running OK, it stops, the engine dies out. I cleaned the filter, tried new gas, changed plug to no avail. Bought last fall, used briefly, drained gas and put away for the winter. plastic bag. Here is what I did so far. I suspect this will fix your problem. Refer to To disconnect and connect the throttle Refer to Servicing tools on page 11 . My Stihl Weed Trimmer Is Dying at Full Throttle. Pay attention to any discoloration, moisture or particulate on the filter...........Good Luck. Table of Contents: ... Knowing why the trimmer stalls, you can try to fix the defect yourself. The manual calls for a 50:1 mix and thats what I'm using. Look around on the site and find the instructions for vacuum checking the saw. Genuine OEM Husqvarna 544171701 THROTTLE CABLE. JavaScript is disabled. Put the air filter and 1 tablespoon of air filter oil in a 4. 11.06.2020 dakus Articles. 01 - Spark Arrestor. Hedge Trimmer: Engine Will Idle But Dies At Full Throttle. to the point it would not stay running. $11.09. My String Trimmer Starts, But Won't Stay Running. Also for: 122 hd45. OEM HUSQVARNA CHAINSAW 550 XP THROTTLE CABLE PART# 521887901. If I could give it 0 stars I would. 122 HD60 trimmer pdf manual download. Here is what is happening. Stihl manufactures trimmers with two-cycle engines as well as ones with four-cycle engines, and both require a … Free repair advice! The air filter is clean and afaik there is no fuel filter to check. Details: Husqvarna bt 150 blower only 4 years old. If your grass trimmer only runs in choke, there are a few solutions that may fix the problem and let … Not a sping chicken by any meens but a solid runner. Then, I carefully reread the starting instructions, and the second time I used it, after warming it up, it seemed to run fine. ... Clogged fuel filter does not pass fuel into the cylinder, and the engine stalls at full throttle due to an elementary lack of gasoline. ... Husqvarna 128R trimmer … I dispelled that because I used that same gas can for my trimmer and blower, no problems. I just about finished felling 8 white pines over 40' tall when the chain saw started to bog down and stall under full throttle. Next. Husqvarna 576139401 Line Trimmer Throttle Cable Assembly Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Part 4.6 out of 5 stars 56. Disconnect the throttle cable from the carburetor. I've got a two stroke strimmer (new last summer). Customers who bought this item also bought. If your hedge trimmer engine idles, but stops at full throttle, you will need to check the following parts: the fuel lines, gasket, carb kit, carburetor, and spark plug. View solutions. Use Husqvarna air filter oil. Is it idling too slow perhaps as well? En español Live Chat online. They have easy to use functions such as Smart Start® recoil system and fuel pump. You think adding a little more oil might help it run more smoothly? Note: this is a general repair guide. The carburetor of your Husqvarna weed eater has the most important role to play. My 12 year old husqvarna chainsaw act like my old Husqvarna trimmer on warm up. Air leaks will do this.I would check for a pin hole in the gas line.A gas filter would be next on the hit list.A carb kit would more than likely save you some $$$.