Cobia. I’m only cutting an inch deep on this pass. Brush this broiler pan using olive oil to stop the fillets sticking to it. Cobia are also referred to as black king fish but are the only member of their species the Rachycentron family and are in no way at all related to the yellow tail king fish. According to, this sweet, almost nutty meat can be broiled, grilled or sautéed and requires only a light seasoning. There are indeed a number of different ways how to cook cobia and to enjoy the delightful and unique taste that this fish can offer. But this shouldn’t be the case. I wish I could do that everyday. The steps are so simple, they can easily be followed. Grill the cobia at approx 350-400 degrees with each side of the fillet getting approx 5-7 minutes (depending on the thickness of the fillet and the type of grill you have) Serve hot; Note: With really large cobia you will find that you have enough cobia meat for a couple of meals. Let it stand for almost 10 minutes to marinate. I had the pleasure to to battle a 31" cobia at sharkhole about a week ago. Considering that cobia fish are commonly found up to 50 pounds, you can expect some serious sport fishing action. Like and share it and feel free to post your comments, requests for additional information and suggestions. Make sure each one is well-covered. You can then proceed to put the fish on the broiler pan. Cook the cobia for six minutes, then turn the fillets and grill for another five minutes. The cobia is ready once it is opaque all the way through its fillet. You can then brush the pan with olive oil so as the cobia fillets won’t stick to the pan. Put the fillet on indirect heat for about 7 minutes, turn it over and do another 7 minutes on indirect heat. After the preparations we’ve done ourselves and what we’ve heard in our fishing community, we know that you can make a great meal out of the next cobia you catch. Cobia are a rare and highly regarded target species amongst most spear fishing and angling fraternities making the cobia a true angling milestone for many upon capture! Sauté the garlic up until it begins to pop in the pan. Cut downward until you touch the spine. A teaspoon of finely chopped fresh basil. Brush the grill grates, using olive oil, to stop the fish from sticking to it. Preheat the oven. Broiling one side of cobia should not take more than five minutes. You just need the right ingredients in order to broil, sauté and grill cobia. First, you’ll heat three tablespoons of olive oil in a skillet over high heat. of dried thyme, cayenne pepper, and dried oregano. Grill for about 6 to 7 minutes on every side or up until fish is opaque and it easily separates. The truth is, whatever bait you catch in the area will be what the cobia will be feeding on. Snook’s got a really delicate flavor and texture, so you’ve got to use a gentle hand and only use a little bit of spice. Cobia can reach almost 150 pounds and 78 inches in length. Serve your fish hot with a lemon for garnish. See more ideas about cobia recipes, recipes, fish recipes. First, brush the grill grates with olive oil to prevent sticking and preheat your grill to approximately 400 degrees F. As with broiling, you will season the cobia to taste and cook it for five minutes on each side until opaque all the way through. Heat 3 tablespoons of olive oil in the skillet over a high heat. The cobia has an elongated, spindle-shaped body and a large, flattened head, reaching a maximum length of 2 meters or 6.5 feet and a maximum.. It is suggested to broil the cobia for five minutes on each side. When it is opaque all the way through, it is ready. Now the question. Mix the remaining ingredients in the large bowl. Preheat the sauté pan over a medium-high heat and season the fish with pepper and salt. Preheat the grill to a medium-high or 400 degrees Fahrenheit. After you’ve had your fill, it’s time to rest up and get back on the water with The Triple Trouble. Preheat the grill or the grill pan. Why? Jun 29, 2018 - Explore Amy Kerr Soroka's board "Cobia recipes" on Pinterest. Put the breaded fish on the well-oiled baking sheet and bake for at least 20 minutes. Scott Goodwin shares his method to clean cobia and most other large-bodied fish. Its meat is a light tan color that turns to snow white once cooked. Too much and you run the risk of losing the fish’s superb flavor, which would be a terrible shame. Turn the fish then broil the fillets for another five minutes. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to It also has small scales and smooth skin. Your oven should be heated to 350 degrees. You … After a beautiful day out on the water and with your trophy cobia in hand, you may wonder what’s next. Another great way to serve cobia is to sauté it! Marlin. They often follow around larger species of fish to feed on any scraps they leave behind. Preheat the pan over medium-high heat and add the olive oil. If he would have been legal are they anygood to eat? The best way to catch cobia is by using sight casting with bucktails as they move along the East Coast. Put the cobia on the broiler pan then drizzle the fillets with lemon juice, before adding salt and pepper, and seasoning the cobia to taste. Sauté the fillets for three minutes and then turn them and sauté them for another three minutes. The lower the sun is on the horizon the more glare will be put onto the surface of the water. It’s much easier and way more entertaining to fish for something else, like sharks, and hope to luck into a cobia. Add the olive oil to the pan and wait for its smoking point. For many people, cooking fish at home can sometimes be daunting. Have you enjoyed this article? Another great way to serve cobia is to sauté it! COBIA CATCH CLEAN and COOK!! Its firm white to pale pink flesh is delicately flavored and is perfect for all raw preparations such as sushi, sashimi or ceviche. Lightly rub the fillet with olive oil, sprinkle it with lemon pepper and garlic powder and fire up the grill. Grilled Fish Recipes Seafood Recipes Cooking Recipes Healthy Recipes Yummy Recipes Seafood Dishes Pizza Recipes Cooking Ideas Meat Recipes. The spring fishing season in Orange Beach, Alabama means the much anticipated migration of the cobia – a highly prized fish that can weigh more than 100 pounds. For the broiled cobia, follow these steps: Cobia lives in warm waters all over the world. Feeling Crabby: How To Cook Fantastic Imitation Crab Meat Easily. Start by preheating the broiler. However, they also eat eels, shrimp, and other small fish. Using grill spatula, remove the cobia and serve it hot together with a lemon wedge as the garnish. Remove the cobia from the broiler pan and serve it along with lemon wedge as its garnish. One way is to broil cobia. Well, now, that you’ve caught the fish, it’s time to eat it! How To Make Red Lobster Shrimp Scampi: A Seafood Favorite, How To Cook Triggerfish? “Use any big 8- or 9-inch curlytail jigs with a 2-ounce jighead,” he said. Serve when opaque all the way through. The natural diet of cobia includes primarily crabs (often constitutes the majority of their stomach contents), eels, other fish, and shrimp. Add about 2 tablespoons of thyme butter on every fillet and top it with a squeeze of lemon. With sizes reaching 100lbs, the Cobia is a monster fish and a hard fighter. Capt. It has a clean, fresh flavor, and you will love the firm white flesh which has a broad-flaked texture. Check these videos out! And Pellegrin shared some tips to put you on the fish. 4 cobia fillets that are about 1 and ½ pounds. Cobia’s pectoral fin is large which gives them a similar profile to a shark, especially when they’re mating and their fin comes out of the water. Although all three of these options sound fantastic, not all of us are cooks. and they put up such a fight that they break lines or burst through nets. The best time to fish for Cobia if you are sight fishing is when the sun is at its brightest / highest. How To Smoke Oysters Like A Pro: A Quick Smoking Guide! Cobia—A difficult fish to catch, but well worth it once on board. Ever Wondered - What Is The Best Way To Grill A Cobia? The cobia is ready once it is opaque all the way through. There is an anti-marlin eating campaign ou One delicious way to eat this fish is really quite simple. There are a numbers of other ways to enjoy the delightful taste of the said fish. Our internet was on the fritz! But with its mild flavor and moist texture, Cobia is super simple to grill, bake or broil and is almost impossible to overcook. Place the mixture in the refrigerator to chill and firm. But wait, there's still more! When cooked, cobia will look opaque all the way through. Consumer Affairs included in its news report that cobia has 3.24 ppm. The fish seems to prefer young blue crabs. The most common ways to cook cobia include grilling, broiling and sautéing. From appetizers to desserts, since then, I’ve always been passionate on making foods. Tags: alabama fishing charter, cooking cobia, eating cobia, fishing for cobia. Why oh why do the best tasting fish (like cobia) have to be high in mercury! Eat it raw or cooked: As one of the best tasting white fish available, cobia can be prepared and cooked in many ways. Either way, you'll be fighting one angry fish, that has a legal limit size of 33 inches fork length. This extends from sand crabs to legal sized snapper and tailor. Add the fresh and chopped thyme to the softened butter. To get even the pickiest of cobia to eat, try this trick. Ft. How to Fillet Cobia - YouTube Salt Strong anglers standing in front of Marty the Marlin. If you decide to broil your cobia, the first step is to preheat your broiler and brush your broiler pan with olive oil to prevent the fish from sticking. All these prey make excellent baits for cobia. Combine and mix all the ingredients. Sport fishermen know that cobia is a fish that is notoriously difficult to catch. Cobia can be a hard fish to target. Cobia are not only an exciting catch, but they taste delicious too! You can season it with salt and pepper, or even cayenne pepper. Cut along the back, just above the fins, until you reach your first cut by the gill. This generally makes catching bait a simple task. Place the fish in the melted butter. Two cups of finely grated parmesan cheese. has shown that cobia will eat virtually any type of fish that is locally available, including stingrays and flatfish. Why? ¼ cup of olive oil for grilling or broiling and 3 tablespoons for sautéing. There a a ton of resources on how to grill a cobia on the web, but we think this video is the best one. A meaty white textured fish has a sweet and nutty flavor all on its own, so just grill it with minimal additives and enjoy. “For us, the best colors are chartreuse, glow and pearl. Open Blue Cobia is one of the best tasting and most versatile white fish available. Additionally, participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links. Well first of all learning by video is the closest you are guna get to working directly with a chef online, way better than paper recipes because you can actually see how things are supposed to be done. Cook every side for almost 3 minutes, then remove the fish from the pan and add a squeeze of lemon to each piece. The Cobia - actually to me the taste of charcoal grilled American eel (which i really like) comes to mind. You can also catch cobia while trolling for king mackerel, and keeping your bait close to the bottom with cut, or live bait near reefs, inlets and shipwrecks. Grilled Cobia. One of the best things about chasing big cobia is their willingness to eat a wide variety of livebaits. If you are going to eat shark, do so in moderation. The 10 Best Canned Oysters That You Can Eat Right Away! Schedule your next deep sea fishing charter in Orange Beach by calling 256-431-5767! Just about anything will work! When looking for these fish on the surface it is difficult to see them early in the morning and in the evening. Whisk the remaining ingredients up until it is well-blended and pour over the fish. Broil for at least five minutes. Place the fish in the baking dish. Rinse the fillets and pat them dry. Cobia Fish has successfully made its way to the worldwide market and oftentimes served in sushi and sashimi platters, fish buffet service, and retail packages but very few people know about how this sweet flavored, versatile and succulent fish are produced and cultured to perfection. The most common ways to cook cobia include grilling, broiling and sautéing. Best Time to Fish for Cobia. The cobia is a delicious saltwater fish that sadly can soak up a lot of mercury. Its body is a dark brown color and this fish has a white belly with a dark stripe from its eye to tail. Then add the minced garlic and reduce the heat to medium. The very simple cooking process can turn into an elegant meal. Cobia is certainly a predator, and could be expected to be listed among the higher-mercury containing species. Store them in a sealed container. If yes, do they need to be fresh or can they be frozen? The fish can weigh up to 100 lbs. Just follow these recipes and discover how great the taste of cobia fish is. Dredge the fish into the spice mix and place in the pan once it’s almost at smoking point. When using fish, cobia love to dine on eels, pinfish, mullet, menhaden, and any other bait that will be in the area. 10. On initially hitting the water the mullet will take off like the devil was after it, but will soon slow down due to blood loss. There’s nothing in this world that excites me more other than cooking. Using pepper, salt, and chopped herbs that go well with fish, like basil, parsley, marjoram, dill or oregano and sprinkle them over the fillets. After the garlic is sautéed, season the cobia to your liking and cook for three minutes on each side. Use your spatula to serve up your prize to family and friends. More specifically, small juvenile blue crabs are a favorite for cobia anglers on the crab side. Cobia feed primarily on crabs, squid, and other small baitfish. First step is to make a cut behind the head/gills area. When you book an excursion with The Triple Trouble, your deep sea fishing experience may lead you to catching one of these coveted fish. After the garlic is sautéed, season the cobia to your liking and cook for three minutes on each side. Once the fish is golden brown on each side, remove it from the pan. You can sit out there and bob around all day and never get a bite. Some of the best recipes you can choose are the following: Watch this video on how to cook blackened cobia: There you have it! If you want to eat your catch without the work, take your cobia to one of these local Orange Beach, Alabama restaurants and have them cook it for you: Gulf Shores Steamer, Café Grazie, Louisiana Lagniappe. All of those mentioned prey items are excellent live baits for cobia. Yellowtail Snapper—Very popular and the go to species for those working the patch reefs. Take a fresh, lively mullet and pierce its heart cavity with a knife or other sharp instrument, and then throw it out in front of the cobia. Serve when opaque all the way through. Once the oil is hot, reduce the heat to medium and add minced garlic to infuse extra flavor to the oil. Cobia are often overlooked as a saltwater sports fish, and even more so as an option to eat after fishing. It has a slim body, flat head and a protruding lower jaw. So cobia are there — you just have to find them. Once the oil is hot, reduce the heat to medium and add minced garlic to infuse extra flavor to the oil. This fish took 4 hard runs and made me work to get him to the boat. How about learning to cook cobia like a pro? The most common way to cook snook is to carefully fillet the fish then cover it in a light marinade or dry rub. Want to know how the best way to clean cobia without wasting any meat? Place the fish on the grill and discard the marinade. You’ve Got Many Best Ways To Do So. One of the most convenient and fast cooking methods for triggerfish is to oven roast it. Then I move to the tail and start making an incision up the back. First, you’ll heat three tablespoons of olive oil in a skillet over high heat. Next, season the fish with your choice of lemon juice, salt and pepper. In any case, the bait that you catch in a given area is what the cobia essentially feed on. But, if you do manage to catch one, you are in for a real treat. Season the fish with salt and pepper to taste, then lay it on the grill. Those are the three most common ways to cook cobia. This may take a little longer or shorter time depending on the thickness of the fish. Season the cobia fillets with pepper, salt and oregano, and place them in the pan. Turn the cobia and broil the other side for another five minutes. North Carolina is a popular fishing destination for cobia by fishermen who fish along the bottom with bait. It can weigh up to 100 pounds and put up such a great fight, it can break lines or burst through the net. I get asked all the time: “What’s the best way to fish for cobia?” And my standard answer is simple: Fish for something else. Cobia is a kind of fish that can be hard to catch. First off, I am so sorry my posts were slim this week. Now, add the fish and sear on each side for almost 4 minutes. A tsp. The medium sized cobia I pulled in recently worried my Fin Nor offshore reel for 15 minutes, diving hard each time it came near the boat. If you do manage to catch one, you are in for a real treat, because the sweet, almost nutty, flavor of cobia is unrivaled. You can also use eels , pinfish, and mullets as live baits for cobia. Pleasant texture and taste: Cobia is a premium white fish. Grilling is another delicious way to serve your fresh catch of the day. Place the fillets in a bread crumb mixture one at a time. In that case, make sure to immediately freeze any of the fillets that you are certain won’t be eaten at that sitting (you do not want … Even though they grow so fast and are highly fecund, CSIRO researchers warned that natural and fishing mortality rates of cobia were quite high, and that the current minimum length of 75cm in Queensland may still result in growth overfishing. Plus since cobia are a good tasting fish, if your Florida Keys fishing trips include sport fishing for cobia, you'll be able to "have your cake and eat it too"! 4 Reasons to Eat This Seafaring Delicacy. Because there are a variety of different ways to cook cobia, whose and sweet and almost nutty flavor is incomparable. After we found out he was 2" short he went back for a swim. Remove the cobia from the skillet with a spatula and serve hot.